ThermoBlade System

Wireless Temperature Profiler and Fixture for Ovens and Freezer (Thickness 1.69" 20-minute Bake Time)

  • Ideal for measuring process temperature profile data
  • Eight channels of thermocouples are fastened to measure both oven air temperatures(5 channels) and conveyor belt temperatures (3 channels).
  • Expandable up to 400 channels!
  • Up to 100' (~30m) range. Use Barker™ to extend the data communication distance.
  • T-type thermocouples standard
  • E, J, K, R, S & miniature adapters available
  • 0.1°C Resolution / ±0.5°C Accuracy
  • Open / Disconnected Thermocouple Detection
  • Low Battery Detection / Battery Life Estimation. Use Lithon Ion Battery for freezer measurements.
  • Windows® standard wizard-driven data acquisition & display software-Lab Version
  • Acquire and display data in both real-time and data logging modes
  • Metal sensor probes are available for installation
  • Add software ZoneCue to indicate ThermoBlade's real-time location inside an oven or freezer. Understand the temperature distribution at each zone.
  • No data is lost due to wireless communication. The missing real-time data is stored in memory. Automatically transmits missing data after the test is stopped in order to complete the temperature curves.
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