Barker Module

Wireless Network Range Extender

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Barker™ is a wireless network range extender for use with Magna Systems' ThermoBiscuit™ and ThermoBlade™ modules.
Designed to relay network information from inside process equipment, the Barker has two antennas.
Once positioned inside the process equipment, the first antenna communicates with wireless measurement devices as they report data in REAL TIME.
The Barker relays data onto the wireless network using the second antenna.
With true "plug & play" simplicity, the Barker has a magnetic mounting base that provides quick installation next to any observation port.

  • Wireless network repeater for real time data communications
  • Relays information to & from the interior of process equipment
  • Barker units pass messages; Add Barkers to extend communications range
  • Manages communications for up to 20 measurement modules
  • ISM Band (868/915 MHz) FCC / IC certified (no license required)
  • Transmits real time data up to 30m (~100') under optimal environmental conditions. Use multiple Barker™ to extend the data communication range.
  • Powered by two AA batteries
Full size image ThermoBiscuit system with two Barkers

ThermoBiscuit system with two Barkers